The Best Christmas & New Year Gift Ideas

The Countdown For Christmas & New Year Is On!
Check The Best Gift Ideas Here.¬†ūüéĀ¬†Up To 50% Off With Free Shipping!

1. Selfie Drone Beginners 2MP 720P WiFi FPV Foldable Arms (TWO DAYS shipping)

It has a strong function, deluxe quality, high-definition video and video functions. Foldable arms make it easy to carry. The only design of the heart is only to meet you! 

Selfie Drone Beginners 2MP 720P WiFi FPV Foldable Arms

2. Electric Heated Vest Thermal Warm Jacket Unisex

Cold Air Is Coming! Are You Ready?
‚Äď Secure than electric blanket or others, Not waste electricity, Convenient, Intelligent heating.

Electric Heated Vest Thermal Warm Jacket Unisex

3. 400W Electric Handy Heater

Fast and flexible heating whether in the bedroom, living room or office. Digital temperature displays handy heater, design for in-wall outlet.

400W Electric Handy Heater

4. FORTNITE OMEGA Halloween Costume (5-7 Days Shipping By DHL Express)


It will make your character look like a villain that came straight from a super-hero comic book. This costume features a pitch-black skin suit with glowing red-orange marks and patterns all-over the body.

FORTNITE OMEGA Halloween Costume

 5. Spider-Man Costume Cosplay 3D Printed Adult

Transform yourself into the Ultimate Web-Slinger with this Epic MOVIE-QUALITY Spider-Man Replica Suit.

Spider-Man Costume Cosplay 3D Printed Adult

 6. Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer


It can easily shred or grate cheese, vegetables, chocolate, and nuts, creating even slices, vegetable salads, different cuts and decorative ruffles without hassle.

Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer

 7. Mini Flying Fidget Spinner

It is a revolutionized version of fidget spinner. It is the outcome of a series of building and designed with the purpose of creating something more than a toy. It is the next hype object. Flying Fidget Spinner, the electric fidget that hovers in the air. It will not get lost because of the boomerang effect, it will fly right into your hands.Mini Flying Fidget Spinner

8. DIY Wooden Doll Houses Miniature Furniture Kit

All furniture come with pieces, need to be assembled.

DIY Wooden Doll Houses Miniature Furniture Kit

9. 47cm & 55cm Reborn Baby Dolls Realistic

She has beautiful hand painted details, hand applied eyelashes, shining eyes and rosy cheeks. The warm and humid lips look natural and soft that you cannot help but want to kiss. The limbs are made of soft vinyl. The wrinkle on the skin gives the doll extraordinary looking and makes it like a real baby. Its limbs can move toward and backward. 

47cm/55cm Reborn Baby Dolls Realistic

10. Laser Massage Comb

The soft infrared of the wavelength can help you enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to activate 83% hair follicle in a brief period of sleep, in order to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and hair regeneration. It regulates oil secretion, promote hair health, improve hair quality.

Laser Massage Comb

11. Pillow Support Therapeutic Tension

This pillow provides instant relief and comfort for your neck, shoulders, and back.
It relieves pain, stiffness, tension, soreness, muscle strain, and more.
Pillow Support Therapeutic Tension

 12. Smartphone Armband Dock 

It can hold most smart phones with screen size from 4 inch to 5.5 inch.¬†180¬į¬†rotation easy to take the photo, check message and answer the call. Full access to touch screen controls and all buttons. Highly breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Smartphone Armband Dock

 13. 24K Gold Foil Plated Rose

Roses have always been a symbol of beauty, love and appreciation. 99% Gold foil leaf, flower stem is made of polyethylene 24K gold plating. 

24K Gold Foil Plated Rose

14. Infantino Squeeze Station (TWO DAYS shipping)

Make and store your own convenient food pouches with the Infantino Squeeze Station. It's quick and easy. Just pour in the purée and press down to fill. Perfect for homemade baby food and smoothies as well as store-bought apple sauce, yogurt and purées. Enjoy now or store in the refrigerator or freezer for later.

Infantino Squeeze Station

 15. Electric Dog Training Collar

This fully waterproof e-collar is very popular with the dog trainers and pet owners. Its training systems will help you to control and train your dog in effective range by a series of functions, including vibration alert, sound warning, electrostatic punishment, etc. With its remote design, you can remote bark stopping, running about correction, easy calling back, biting and fighting. 

Electric Dog Training Collar

 16. Fastest Wireless Car Charger Mount

This is the Safest, Quickest & Most Convenient way to charge your phone while you're in your car, using the latest Qi wireless-charging technology & a unique auto-locking mechanism which allows you to operate this mount with one hand!

Fastest Wireless Car Charger Mount

 17. Power Scrubber Brush Set

It will do all the heavy duty cleaning you'll need. This set attaches to any standard drill and it will really dig in deep for cleaning. It's a genius invention that makes it easy to really scrub something down.

Power Scrubber Brush Set

18. Pocket Language Translator

It can translate over 30 different languages that allow you to converse with almost anyone, perfect for shopping or asking for directions when you’re abroad. Pocket-sized design & easy-to-use buttons make it an ideal travel must-have that you can use and carry anywhere.

Pocket Language Translator

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