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J-Tech Digital Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Laser Mouse

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The Best Ergonomic Mouse To Reduce Hand And Wrist Pain

This superior J-Tech Digital wireless vertical laser mouse adopts scientific ergonomic design, it can effectively prevent the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Its unique shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting. Using laser sensing technology, it has advanced mouse sensor performance. Compact size and excellent sensitivity, convenient to carry and easy to operate, all of these characteristics make it stand out from the crowd. With it in charge, you will operate freely.
  • Unique ergonomic design with removable palm rest to reduce hand and wrist pain.
  • Two thumb buttons can be used for back/forward browser navigation.
  • Driver free 3-mode DPI shift: 600/1000/1600DPI adjustable.
  • High-resolution optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity for accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Receiver Distance: 10 meters USB nano receiver (The receiver is attached to the bottom of mouse.)


Material: Plastic ABS
Button: 3D5K+wheel+DPI transition
Resolution: 800 -1600 DPI
Scanning Rate: 8000 fps
Tracking Method: Laser
Max. Acceleration: 8G
Operation System: Windows XP / Win7 / Vista, Mac OS X 10.4
Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries (included)
Voltage: 3 V
Current: <=10 mA
Dimension: 65 x 127 x 75 mm
Weight: 150 g

This product is compatible with Apple Mac system but back/forward buttons will not work.


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Customer Reviews (Verified Purchase):

1. Miranda C.

Carpal Tunnel Relief - Finally!

I have carpal tunnel & tennis elbow (essentially overuse injuries from years of using the computer) - and this is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used, even compared to other similarly styled ergonomic mice. I can use if for long periods of time without pain, which is important because I am in law school and always on the computer. In addition, it has a good range - I have a desk set up to be half sitting and half standing, and even though the usb receiver is plugged into my desktop on the far left of my desk, it works well with my external monitor on my standing desk as well. Definitely recommend :)

2. Tina C.

Tech Elbow No More.

I love this style of mouse! I was suffering from what I call "Tech Elbow". It's like Tennis Elbow, but I don't play tennis. Anyway, after doing some research I found that using my traditional mouse for my 8 hour per day job was hurting my elbow because of the unnatural position of a hand/arm on that type of mouse.

So, I purchased the J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance mouse. My first one was wired and as I used it I realized my Tech Elbow was improving and I wasn't in as much pain. After a few months I encouraged a colleague to give the style of mouse a try. She preferred a wireless mouse since she has a stand up station, so I offered to make this purchase for her. I haven't seen her to follow up, but I hope she is as happy and in less pain than me.

3. Y.Han

I Love This Ergonomic Mouse Very Much Because...

3.1 It is very easy to use. For a person like me that have used traditional mouse for decades, I get used to it in no time.
3.2 The buttons (include the wheel button) is soft and easy to click/scroll. The left button/wheel button/right button are adequately apart so that I can easily place my index finger/middle finger/ring finger on them, which is a must for a CAD application user like me because sometimes I need to press the wheel button and right click button at the same time.
3.3 It is light for your hand to move it around.
3.4 It is truly ergonomic, and it comes with detachable palm/wrist rest so my hand can be totally relaxed on it. I can rest my hand on it for several hours without felling any pressure point on my palm and finger. It also come with a lip at the bottom to support your little finger (pinky) so that your pinky will not touch the mouse pad/table.
3.5 2 AAA batteries are also included with this mouse. 

4. Chad D. 

The Quality Of The Product Is Very Nice And Has A Good Feeling In Your Hand.

I have been using a traditional mouse at my desk job for just over a year now. Continually I have had issues with pain in my arm and hands and was looking for a solution. I came across this mouse and decided to give it a try. At first glance the mouse comes in a well presented packaging and comes with basic instructions as well as everything needed to get it up and running.

When first using the mouse it will take some getting use to as it has a different feel to it. My thumb does generally tend to lean on one of the back or forward buttons but with use I have gotten use to the grip. The quality of the product is very nice and has a good feeling in your hand. I have an average size hand for a male and have no issue with space for my fingers or palm when using. The adjustable sensitivity is a great easy to use feature included and allows for adjustment on the fly when using different applications.

For anyone looking for a great daily use mouse that provides a good deal of support with the attached palm rest, this is definitely a mouse for you. I would high suggest this mouse to any and really am enjoying the comfort it provides when continually using the computer.

5. LuvBooks

Works Great! I Love This Mouse!

I have trouble with the joints in my right hand, and I really need a mouse where I don't have to apply pressure to click, and also where I can keep my hand upright, so my wrist is in the right position. I've tried a number of different models, but this one does what I need. I don't need to grip the mouse to click, I can hold it loosely and do what I need. It's helped a lot with allowing my hand to heal and to have fewer episodes of pain. And it works great, all around. Plus, the price was right, there are other similar models that are much more expensive. I went with this one in part due to the price, and I'm glad I did. Excellent mouse.

6. Kindle Customer

Love, Love, Love This Vertical Mouse!

Love this vertical mouse! I love it so much I made my husband get one and now he's a convert too. I no longer have any aches or joint pain in my fingers or wrist even after hours computer work. As a photographer I spend many hours at a time editing photos on the computer and this mouse has made such a difference in my comfort level it's unbelievable. I would highly recommend this.

7. lboga

This Product Got Ride Of My Horrible Wrist Pain.

Did some research before buying and at this price point the J-Tech seemed to have the better reviews. My sole purpose for this mouse was relief from wrist pain due to daily mouse use, my right hand wrist and pinky were killing me day after day and I knew it was from traditional mouse use. I had been stretching the hand, doing all sorts of exercises for it, icing it and I even considered a cortisone shot. Found out about ergonomic wrist support and ended up purchasing the wireless J-Tech. Almost 2 weeks of daily use and I can say that my wrist pain is almost completely gone. This mouse has made such an incredible difference in the discomfort and daily pain that I have been accustom to over the past year. I am really happy I found this solution and it confirmed my suspicion that the pain was due to traditional mouse use. Moving my hand out of that unnatural position and keeping it in the hand shake position is exactly what I needed to relieve the pain. I still haven't fully gotten use to the mouse, it is definitely more difficult to position the cursor with ease and I expect it will take me a few more weeks before it becomes second nature. It's never going to be as accurate and great as a traditional mouse, I definitely can't play games with it...but for 8 hour day office use, I am loving this thing because it got ride of my wrist pain. Highly recommend!

8. F.Shayan

Excellent Mouse, Excellent Customer Service.

I write reviews rarely, and only when I have had either an awesome or a horrible experience. This mouse is so excellent that I felt a duty to write a review for the seller. I have long been suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome type of pain and discomfort since 2007. I have gone as far as programing a gaming joystick so that it can be used as a computing mouse in the past. This mouse allows you to hold your hand in an upright position while working and it completely relieves any pain and discomfort that you might have while using your computer. By the way, it worked very well with my MacBook Pro, right out of the box. The little USB part is sitting inside a small container in the base of the mouse. It took me a minute to figure out where that was. Anyone who has to continue working on computers all day with wrist and hand pain understands. I will be purchasing more from them in the future.

Do you have hand pain? As one sufferer to another, posture is everything. Try this mouse and find out what works for yourself. Whatever you do, do not do the surgery where they cut some tendon in your palms. Everyone who ever does that surgery regrets it. Best of luck.

9. M.S.H 

Once You Get Used To It, It's Awesome!

We're all used to the standard mouse. This thing is weird!! But the pain in my shoulder/arm/back from being a desk monkey for 20+ years is excruciating, and I was willing to try anything.

It's not a miracle, but within a couple of days there was a definite decrease in the pain - it takes getting used to, though! It's been over a week, I'm still adjusting but it does get easier - I really didn't think it would. I like being able to move it all over my desk and holding it like a joystick.

Technically it works great. Popped the USB connector in, booted right up, no delays in the cursor, moves really smoothly all over my desk. Really glad I took a chance on this thing!

 10. Bill Lane

Excellent Mouse.

The mouse is REALLY comfortable - and easy to setup and use. It took a little while to get used to the moving around - clicking on small boxes on the screen is always cumbersome. I ended up downloading X-Mouse so that I could program the buttons...which is really REALLY cool since I've programmed the buttons on the left side of the mouse to automatically double click (Instead of double clicking the button - just click it once) while the button on the right side of the mouse is still the traditional "left and right mouse buttons)


Q1: How to disable side buttons (back and forward)?

A: You can use X-Mouse Control to do it. 

Q2: I noticed this does not auto shutoff after a period of non use. Is it ran through a set of AAA batteries in a few days?

A: Mine has been turned on and running for over two months. No problem with it! 

Q3: Are buttons (right and left click) hard to press or very easy?

A: The buttons are not hard to press. They are just right. 

Q4: How do you remove the palm rest? I see no release button.

A: To prevent breaking the internal tabs, pull rest/piece straight away from mouse horizontally, then it will come down out of a slot. If pulled straight down I believe it might break the tabs that lock it.  

Q5: Is this mouse compatible with Mac Book Pro?

A: Yes it is compatible. I've tested this with with a Mac Book Pro OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) It's a solid connection with no lag/jerky movements that normally plague wireless/ bluetooth USB mice (non apple). 

Q6: Does this come in a left hand version?

A: Thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately, we do not have a left handed version. 

Q7: Is there anything I need to do to set it up? 

A: No, it's just plug and play. You should just have to plug it in to an operational USB port and it'll start working. no need to download or install any software. 

Q8: Is this good for a man with large hands?

A: Yes, I bout for my husband and it fits well within his grip. 

Q9: I am a woman with small hands. Do you think this would be comfortable for small hands?

A: Yes. I had previously purchased an Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 (small size) and I felt that was a little too big for me. This mouse is much better for me. 

Q10: Are the right and left clicks of this product silent?

A: They are not silent. The right and left clicks produce a click that is about as loud as a regular mouse. I wouldn't say it is loud, though.